How to choose the best website developer if you’re from Box Hill (Vic)

website design box hillGetting the best website developer is essential in creating your websites – especially if your primary aim is to use your website to generate income for your business. In putting up a website, its design should be planned properly and crafted accordingly by choosing the right web developer. Well, how would you know you are moving in the right direction during the web development project? In this piece, we are going to look at how to choose the best website developer.

1. Understanding What You Are Hiring

One of the biggest mistakes that people do while hiring web developer is that they do not fully understand what they are hiring and the much they are expected to pay. Are you discussing as to whether your business enterprise needs a responsive website? If you are wondering what are the advantages that come with investing in a professionally designed and developed website then you do not have to look further. The bottom line is that when hiring a web developer you must make sure you ask which services they are offering you. At Website Consultants,web design consultants based in Ringwood (Vic), we service small to medium sized websites in Melbourne’s entire eastern and surrounding region. We are the leaders in design and development of mobile responsive, attractive, and search engine optimised (SEO) websites.

2. Choose those with a background in SEO and marketing 

There is no way you will get a high quality website if you work with a developer with no background in search engine optimisation (SEO) services. You might end up getting an elegant website, but it will not convert visitors into clients. Such a website will not offer any value because of the low or even no conversion rates. Therefore, as you do your selection, you need to take your time to check that your potential developer has great skills and experience in SEM, social media marketing, SEO and others. With such a developer you will get a website that will work perfectly for your business.

3. Choose those who offer responsive website

Having a highly responsive website is a must in the modern times. This is because people use different devices to access the web. If it is not responsive, it means that some of your potential visitors will not be able to access your website. Working with a developer who offers unresponsive site will just be limiting you on the number of visitors who can access your website. So, you should never make this mistake. Be sure to ask your potential developer if they create website that responds to all devices in an effective manner.

4. Hire competent designers

This is very critical. Do not use the services of an incompetent web designer (or worse, try to do it yourself). It is important to ensure that you choose a reputable web development company that will help you with design creativity from a team of designers with a superior experience. This is simply because a team of competent web developers will give you various perspectives on your web design. The best part of it all is that you will be at peace with an assurance that your website is in hands of dependable professionals who will give you what you want exactly, not to mention a website that is built on high quality SEO foundation.

At Website Consultants we have a small, but dedicated and competent team of designers whom will help you to get the website that you are looking for.

5. Choose a host with small range of services

Don’t make a mistake that affects most customers who jump onto offers for free space or developers. Before taking up an offer understand the package. Check out for things like email support, an SSL certificate, domain privacy, social media links and other features that your business needs. Consider website designs and development, SEO audit and redesign? Is what they are going to offer you suitable for your business? For example, if you are running a small scale business, can the site be accessed easily through mobile devices? Don’t forget the site’s speed. Having considered all these, make an informed choice on the next step for your business.

To avoid making costly mistakes, consider Website Consultants ( for your web development needs. We are renowned website developers based in Australia well trained by eBusiness Institute, Australia’s leading training ground for Australian digital entrepreneurs. We have a vast knowledge and insist on SEO guidelines and we have worked with lots of small and medium-sized businesses in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Website Consultants (Vic) offer a wide range of services including SEO audit, website redesign, and upgrade. We are also intent on making your site accessible and easy to use. Contact Website Consultants today at


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